If you start from Kolan you will get to the route number 1. If you turn right you will reach Pag, otherwise, you will get to Novalja. Route length is 2.5 km. sirana_gligora_shop_kolan The route is nice and interesting. It is short, surrounded by tall reeds, water-worn ravines. It partly passes by fields. Those who like carrying their bicycles or are in favour of the extreme ways of riding, going over the pass towards Mandre might lead them to the route number 8. If you came from Pag, having passed St. Jerome’s and turned left, you will get to the route Kolan. There you can have some rest and buy some home-made products: cheese, ham, wine, sherry (prosecco/prošek)… This route is a cradle of the production of cheese and lamb and the cheese factory Gligor is located here. Here you can taste their products. In Kolan, you can also see Kolan mud, ethnographic collections, Pag drywall, old wells and coal mines. Here is the map of the route: And the altimetric view:

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